About NavigateMe

NavigateMe is a university-wide initiative which delivers tailored advice around key aspects of your personal and study life in the form of a printable Action Plan.

Your Action Plan is divided up into different sections what to READ, and who or what to SEE. All the information in the Action Plan will direct you to resources and support services within your Faculty and across UNSW.

Once you have completed the tool, your personalised Action Plan will be saved, and can be printed or emailed before a face-to-face consultation session with a UNSW advisor, if required.

You can also visit NavigateMe any time to update or revise any changes to your study, personal or uni life.

The benefits of completing NavigateMe will be seen quickly; Students have found that it provides them with a document to reflect on their university life, and has proven helpful in assisting students to identify those areas that need improvement. NavigateMe links you to information, resources and support services within faculties and across UNSW.